Anxiety & Stress Management Resource Center

Anxiety & Stress Management Resource Center

Anxiety is like a rocking chair. It keeps you moving but doesn't get you anywhere.

We all experience anxiety and stress continuously throughout our lives. It doesn't stop. It just comes and goes. That's why I'm a strong believer in becoming your therapist when it comes to stress and anxiety.

Our free Anxiety & Stress Resource Center covers a variety of topics, all aiming:

  • to teach you the difference between productive and unproductive anxiety and between good and bad stress.
  • to break down the complexity of anxiety and stress into small bites such as ruminating thoughts, uncomfortable feelings, unhealthy behaviors, intrusive images, and body tension.
  • to help you create a self-care plan that works for you and your lifestyle.
  • to give you a roadmap to change some of the stubborn unhealthy behaviors.
  • to take you away from the past or the future and keep you grounded in the present while enjoying the small things in life 

3 Modules

Breathing: the best anti-anxiety tool

Since breathing is the one thing we can control and regulate, it is a useful tool for achieving a relaxed and clear state of mind or for getting you out of a bored and sleepy place. Try these 2 quick and effective breathing exercises to become a master of your nervous system.


What's Your Anxiety Basic Id?

Anxiety's best friends: organization and a sense of control over one's life. As a therapist, one of my favorite things to see is the sense of relief a client has when they understand and sort out their overwhelming anxiety.

So just like you'd organize your closet or your office, organizing your mind and sorting out your anxious and stressful experiences will give you peace of mind and the feeling that you are in charge again.

This module comes with three free PDFs. The first one introduces the concept of BASIC ID and how to apply it. The second one helps you create a list of self-care ideas. The third one is just a blank template to use every time you feel the angst and stress and feel like you need to organize your life to gain some control and relief.


How to stick to your New Year resolution (and lower your stress)

Your loved ones complained about one thing or another, something you should change....or maybe, you've come up to that conclusion yourself...and you've tried, many times....and you did well for a couple of weeks or a couple of days, and then you went back to the old habits.

Because once those brain neurons found a comfy road, they like to stick to it; they do NOT like the road less traveled. Check out our Stages of Change worksheets that will give you a roadmap for your efforts, a method to the madness, if you will, to ensure less relapse and longer lasting success.

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