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Marriage & Relationship Resource Center

Relationships can be amazing sometimes and insanely hard at other times! Check out our free resource center for some ideas on how to navigate the rough patches.

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Therapy One-On-One

Doing it yourself is an admirable achievement, but sometimes, sustainable change needs a little bit of handholding and a gentle nudge. Sometimes, we have a million questions and we need help to figure out the answers. Or, we have too much information and need help prioritizing. And then, we just need a roadmap to fit our crazy busy life. And I love helping with all of this! 

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Anxiety & Stress Management Resource Center

Anxiety & stress are necessary evils! Check out our free resource center to learn how to keep these two on the positive & productive side and how to manage them when they get in your way of a fulfilling & content life!


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My Spouse Wants More Sex Than Me: The 2-Minute Solution Ebook

My Spouse Wants More Sex Than Me: The 2- Minute Solution for a Happier Marriage is a self-help book about sex and communication in a marriage. It is a humorous and straightforward book that talks about the reality of a marital relationship, not about the fairy tale you see in movies. It's a book with actionable solutions especially for busy and exhausted partners who are in the midst of doing it all: work, household, kids, sports and can't find time and energy for physical intimacy.

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The Overthinker's Guide To Managing Anxiety

The Overthinker’s Guide to Managing Anxiety is a 2-hour beginner level course for anxious and stressed out overthinkers who are frazzled, worn-out, and exhausted from trying to balance out panic attacks, insomnia, and overanalyzing everything that doesn’t go their way.

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